Journalist Testimonials

Mark Wingett
Editor, M&C Report
What you need from a good PR is someone who knows their client and the relevant industry inside and out and who is willing to go that extra yard to make a story possible. Eddie Gershon is one of those PRs.
Joe Lutrario
Senior Reporter, Restaurant Magazine
Eddie Gershon is an effective, no-nonsense PR. His news releases are timely, accurate, succinctly written and fluff-free. In short a pleasure to work with.
Paul Charity
Editor and Managing Director, Propel Info
Eddie Gershon is the consummate PR professional – quick, efficient and no-nonsense. In my view, he may well be the best in the business.
Alan Jones
Industrial Correspondent, Press Association
In my many years of dealing with Eddie Gershon, his press releases have always been well written and to the point, and his news judgement impeccable. His ideas for stories are always first-class and when he contacts me with a story, I know it will be a good one. In short, he is easily one of the best PR people that I deal with in my job.
Matt Scuffham
Senior Correspondent, Reuters
Eddie is a fantastic PR professional who demonstrates a real passion for the businesses he represents and has an instinctive understanding of what both clients and journalists are looking for. Eddie knows a story when he sees it and his press releases are always engaging and to the point.
Martin Flanagan
City Editor, The Scotsman
Eddie Gershon is one of the best PR operators in the business. Newspaper-savvy, unfailingly proactive, and never wasting journalists’ time with puff pieces. He thereby gains much greater credibility among journalists for the many newslines he does very effectively promote.
Clare Riley
Editor, Eat Out
Eddie is definitely one of the good guys. I trust him to deliver accurate copy that’s in keeping with our news agenda and more importantly our readership. His response to e-mails and phone calls is always swift, professional and friendly. Above all, Eddie is a pleasure to work with and makes my life as an editor much easier. And I can’t ask for more than that.
Jon Griffin
Business Editor, Birmingham Mail
I have had contact with Eddie since 1998 and he has always struck me as a real PR professional. If everybody in PR worked like him, this job would be a lot easier.
Chris Murphy
Editor, Coinslot
As editor of a national business-to-business title I’ve received many press releases from Eddie Gershon and I can safely say that they’ve all been published – and that’s some record. I can’t think of anyone who handles PR more effectively or tells it like it is more succinctly than Eddie Gershon. It’s as simple as that.
Kate Nicholas
Editor, PR Week
The amount of coverage generated by Eddie Gershon Media Relations is nothing short of staggering.
Neil Hodgson
Business Writer, Liverpool Daily Post & Echo
I find Eddie Gershon’s professionalism and proactive attitude exemplary. Many other PRs could take a leaf out of his book regarding an eye for a story, attention to detail and prompt response to any queries relating to his clients.
Neil Gerrard
Restaurants Editor, The Caterer
If only working with all PRs was as simple and straightforward as working with Eddie Gershon. He has an excellent understanding both of the businesses he represents and what journalists need from him.